Sex on a String - Cover

Sex on a String

  • Sex in a Bubble: The Caravan Inn
  • The Bubble Peepers: Observatory Gorge
  • The Feast of Fools: Hyperspace
  • Fiddlers’ Inferno: The Little Book of Fire
  • Pirouettes of the Fairy Giants: The Rising Mist
  • The Blacksmith: The Forge
  • Enclosed Gardens: The Midlands
  • Life Brewer’s Lab: The Deep
  • Rhyme Makers: Babel’s Dawn
  • Psychedelic Dream Coats: Fairyland
  • Requiem of the gods: Bubble Burst
  • Sex on a String: Bungee Crest
  • Author:Dr. Hendrik Pretorius

    Literary Agent: Blue Cherry Publishers

    Release Date: In Process

    Genre: Creative (narrative) nonfiction and Interdisciplinary nonfiction

    Based on: The Golden Shadows

    Related to: Nando's Journey: the Trilogy and The Golden Shadows

    Summary: Sex on a StringPDF

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